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Amy Shoenthal

Amy Shoenthal


Founder, Visionaries Collective, LLC


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My Role

I created my marketing consulting company, Visionaries Collective, after a two decade marketing career working with innovative global brands from Procter & Gamble to Google. I have a unique ability to craft brand narratives and weave them into social media strategies, influencer campaigns and content marketing that drives conversation and connection among key audiences.

What I love most about my role

The people I get to work with from my incredible clients to the various creative professionals I partner with on a daily basis.

How I define success

In my current season of life, I define success as partnering with clients who are doing innovative work across industries. I also love the schedule flexibility that consulting offers. I'm working with people, companies and on campaigns I'm excited about and doing that work during hours that feel balanced within my personal and family life right now, and that, to me, is success.

The best piece of business advice I ever received was

Never compromise on your morals.

What would I tell my younger self

It is all going to turn out so much better than you ever could have imagined.

What 2B Bolder mean to me

Doing the scary thing. Doing the thing your inner critic whispers you're not qualified to do. Proving that inner critic wrong.

Years of Experience


I recommend you focus on developing these 3 skills to succeed in a role like mine

Client Relations
Marketing Strategy

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