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Kimberly Lahodny

Kimberly Lahodny


Chief Creative Officer | Founder @ The SPARK Movement & SPARK Creative Studio

Augusta, GA

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My Role

I run a multi-media and LIVE content company, scripting, filming and directing content for multimedia platforms. As the founder the of SPARK Movement, my passion is helping overworked and underwhelmed women to intentionally cultivate lives filled to the brim with creativity. I teach women how to reclaim their creative genius and use it to skyrocket their Life ROI.

What I love most about my role

I love being hands-on and spearheading creative endeavors in multiple arenas. In my work within the SPARK Movement, I love meeting, connecting with and reinvigorating other women creatives.

How I define success

Success is becoming a person of integrity and then leveraging your position to create with integrity and freedom at every next step, even in the imaginative world of the arts. The world needs people of high integrity and compassionate curiosity to create entertainment and speak into the questions we all secretly ponder.

The best piece of business advice I ever received was

Don't put off the one thing you're good at just to become proficient at the back office stuff. If you thrive in your craft, you can hire your back office!

What would I tell my younger self

There are words that stick to your psyche like glue, spoken over you by people you've idolized; some words can encourage you to conquer mountains, but some words -- meant to be helpful -- can shame you to sit in dark places keeping you too scared to grow. You must throw out, burn, and renounce any words that shame or caution, to capitalize on the creative SPARK, the inspiration to tell a story OUT LOUD in a new way. Be Wise, Have Integrity, Trust Your Conscience, and then GO FOR IT. Don't do it for the audience, do it for yourself. You will regret the hours, days, and years you spend in the darkness longing to be free.

What 2B Bolder mean to me

Stepping into your calling is the very definition of bold. 2B Bolder means taking that step courageously not just once but daily, saying yes to action and freedom and no to resistance and fear!

Years of Experience

20 years in the Arts

I recommend you focus on developing these 3 skills to succeed in a role like mine

Script Writing for all forms of Media (Theatrical & Commercial)
Multi-Media Production (Live Theater|Film|Audio)
Networking & Talent Scouting

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