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It's a dream come true to connect today's women in business and tech with the next generation by providing accessibility and inspiration. through my podcast.

Mary Killelea, founder, and host

About the Host

Hi, there. My name is Mary Killelea. First, let me introduce myself and share a bit of my career journey. I was a successful entrepreneur and founder of a Portland-based digital marketing agency for a good portion of my career. In addition, I was a Portland radio disc jockey, an online event producer for WebMD. I've worked for a Fortune 100 company for the past six years in various strategic marketing roles and did a stint in recruitment marketing focusing on manufacturing and diversity. Currently, I am the US B2B enterprise campaign manager for server technologies. My passion project has been creating the 2B Bolder podcast and building a community of professional women who share the common goal of inspiring and empowering each other.

The 2B Bolder Podcast was created out of my love for technology and marketing, my desire to bring together like-minded women, my hope to be a great role model and source of inspiration to my two daughters and other young women out there, encouraging them to show up and to be bolder and know that anything they dream of is possible.

This site brings together an original podcast series, a collection of articles, and books that highlight amazing women in business and tech from around the world.  


On the 2B Bolder Podcast, you will hear inspiring stories of how successful women in business and tech have worked hard to build great careers.  Learn about their passions, their journey, their challenges, and their advice to the next generation of women. 


The 2B Bolder Podcast is designed to provide you first-hand access to some amazing women. Guests will include women from leading enterprise companies to startups, women execs, coders, account execs, engineers, and innovators. 

I hope you enjoy the show! 

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