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I love highlighting successful women who have worked hard to build great careers and share their career wisdom for the benefit of others.

Mary Killelea, founder, and host

About the Host

Hello! I'm Mary Killelea,

Some people will tell you that a career journey is supposed to be linear and that you should clearly understand your destination before starting your journey. Well, I'm here to tell you that is a myth and an unrealistic expectation to put on yourself. Many women like me have taken non-linear approaches to their careers and learned a lot about themselves through the journey. I have had many twists and turns in my career; along the way, I've found my voice, built my brand, been resilient, gained self-confidence, and got comfortable with being uncomfortable.


I've had several different jobs throughout my life and successfully built a career working in marketing for a leading tech company. I have 20 plus years of marketing experience and have owned a successful digital marketing agency.  One thing I've learned from my journey is that it's okay to ask for help, you don't have to do it alone. There is a strong community of women and allies willing to support you along the way.


2B Bolder allows me to provide others the support I needed early in my career. This site combines an original podcast series, articles, and other resources highlighting amazing women in business and tech worldwide.  On the 2B Bolder Podcast, you will hear inspiring stories of how successful women in business and tech have approached and achieved their career success.  Learn about their passions, challenges, and their advice.  The 2B Bolder Podcast is designed to provide you with first-hand access to extraordinary women. Guests include women from leading enterprise companies to startups, women executives, coders, account executives, engineers, and innovators. 

Let's Work Together: Reach out for pricing details.


My approach to career coaching is supporting others through asking questions, listening, and seeking to understand a person's strengths and passions. Most people know what they want but either have difficulty articulating it, don't think they deserve it, or are convinced they can't achieve it. Regardless of the barriers that exist or are created in our minds, we need to peel back the onion, do the work, and take small, consistent, intentional steps to achieve our goals. We need to learn to be the CEO of our lives, be accountable for our actions, celebrate our wins, and learn from our failures. It's important to recognize that it's okay to ask for support and lean on resources to make this crazy journey easier.

  • Career Coaching (exclusively for individuals addressing one or all of these items)

    • Career strategy plan for development and growth 

    • Help build an effective personal brand that accelerates your career growth.

    • Overcoming imposter syndrome, building career confidence, conquering the fear of networking

    • Effective communication skill building, developing and giving impactful presentations

    • Goal Setting Session  

  • Marketing Coach (exclusively for small service-based businesses, addressing one or all of these items)

    • Helping business owners gain clarity in defining clear objectives

    • Provide guidance and support in aligning marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

    • Drive accountability and define measurable KPIs.

    • Keep you focused and help you avoid distractions that slow down growth.

  • Speaker (exclusively for virtual events or events local to the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area)

    • Topics

      • Accelerate your Career: Steps to Building a Powerful Personal Brand

      • Ways to WIN at Work: What I've learned from interviewing over 100 Career Women

  • Sponsorship Opportunities: 

    • If you are a company looking to propel your organization’s senior female leaders into the spotlight and connect with our vast, engaged audience, please request a sponsorship package.

      If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact Mary Killelea.

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