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Chaitra Vedullapalli

Chaitra Vedullapalli


Co-Founder & President

Seattle, WA

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My Role

As a strategic high-growth leader, Chaitra seamlessly bridges business and technology, offering deep market insights to help companies scale and drive digital economic development.

A passionate leader and champion in ESG, Chaitra spearheads campaigns as President of Women in Cloud to generate $1B in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030.

What I love most about my role

Reflecting on my journey and experiences in the tech space in the many roles I've taken on, the overarching takeaway for me has been the profound realization that technology is a powerful catalyst for innovation and positive change. It opens up endless possibilities to redefine our ways of living, working, and connecting, fostering a world that is more efficient, accessible, and inclusive.

How I define success

To me success is progressing towards a vision of a future where the benefits of tech innovation are shared by all to create a world where technology acts as a lever for equity and opportunity.

The best piece of business advice I ever received was

The best piece of advice I've learned through experience is: make a conscious effort to ensure your contributions create doors for others, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

This profound realization came when I recognized the challenges that accompany being a strong woman of color, noticing my voice, representation, and access were significantly reduced. These experiences taught me the power of resilience, strategic generosity, and the impact of lifting others as I climb.

What would I tell my younger self

Continually ask “What if?” and “Why not?" Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of a future that transcends current limitations.

What 2B Bolder mean to me

Act as a catalyst for positive change, not just for myself, but for other women in the tech space.

Years of Experience


I recommend you focus on developing these 3 skills to succeed in a role like mine

1. Cloud GTM
2. Strategic Partnerships
3. Executive Gravitas / ESG Leadership Coaching

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