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Heenle Turner

Heenle Turner


Vice President of Content & Consulting

Anaheim Hills ,CA

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My Role

I develop and revise the Content for our All In Programs.- which teach Entrepreneurs How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain 5-Star Employees. I'm the HR Expert and help our Entrepreneurs solve their people problems.

What I love most about my role

I love working with Entrepreneurs - there is just something about them - this magic, this drive that is inspirational.

How I define success

Success is helping others achieve their goals and thrive.

The best piece of business advice I ever received was

Be authentic.

What would I tell my younger self

Don't be scared to fail, travel more, and live in the moment.

What 2B Bolder mean to me

When i think 2B Bolder, I think of Women inspiring People.

Years of Experience


I recommend you focus on developing these 3 skills to succeed in a role like mine

1. Asking inquisitive questions
2. Solving problems with creative solutions
3. Maximizing Efficiency

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