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Sharon J Amezcua

Sharon J Amezcua


Serial Entrepreneur/Investor

Malibu, CA

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My Role

I build, fund, operate, grow and exit mostly tech-based companies in industries where I or my partners have expertise.

What I love most about my role

Learning every day and teaching every day

How I define success

Doing the "next new thing" and gaining financial freedom to help others!

The best piece of business advice I ever received was

When you have a chance to exit at a profit, don't wait for something better to come along!

What would I tell my younger self

Spend your twenties figuring out what you want to do (by doing it all) and where you want to be (by traveling a lot) as you have the rest of your life to settle down!

What 2B Bolder mean to me

Doing what others might not be brave enough to do quite yet!

Years of Experience


I recommend you focus on developing these 3 skills to succeed in a role like mine

Building companies
Finding the "next new thing"

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