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This guide will explain a personal brand and provide actionable steps to align your values, interests, and skills to attract the right opportunities and build influence in the industry and topics you want to excel in.

2B Bolder Personal Branding Ebook

2B Bolder empowers women to excel in their careers, be bolder in their lives, gain confidence, overcome self-doubt, and find their voice. We provide the tools to design a personal brand that leads to professional and personal success.

2B Bolder is designed for early—and mid-level professional women who want to win at work, gain clarity, and achieve happiness and satisfaction in their careers. Through our podcast, blog, and resources, we offer valuable advice and insights for the next generation of women in business and tech.

We believe in the power of #WomenSupportingWomen. 2B Bolder is more than just a platform; it's a vibrant community where women can access the resources, inspiration, and support they need to navigate their career journeys successfully.

When you subscribe to the podcast, you are supporting our work's mission, allowing us to continue highlighting successful women in a variety of careers to inspire others, helping our wonderful editor, Chris, and helping me pay our hosting expenses. 🎉 Thank you for your support!


Our Mission

Women Supporting Women

Share your career insights and inspire
other women to be bolder in their careers. 


Featured 2B Bolder Women In Tech & Business Podcasts 


Allyson Klien 2B Bolder Podcast Guest

Allyson Klein

Founder and Principal The TechArena

Allyson shares her point of view on how women can support one another, leverage storytelling in a technical field to have an impact, find their unique voices, define their own unique success metrics, and not only survive in their careers but thrive.


"Love all the different industry perspective. This is incredible, love getting the insights from such strong, intelligent, powerful women."

"2B bolder Podcast is the perfect blend of Business & Tech and informative.  Very motivational and inspirational and gaining knowledge. Highly recommend!"

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