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25 Amazing Women in Business and Tech Share Their Career Stories

2B Bolder Podcast Guests in 2020 - 25 Amazing Women

Looking back, I am incredibly grateful to this group of women and others who have supported 2B Bolder in 2020. It means the world to me. If you have not had the chance to listen, I encourage you to check out the episodes below. I am working on some great things for the new year and am excited to share them soon. Sit back and relax and ENJOY the conversations.

On episode #25 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Sandra Lopez, Vice President and General Manager for Intel Sports, talks about her exciting career and how technology is transforming sports now and in the future. She shares a few of the challenges she has had to overcome being a woman in a mostly male-dominated industry and how embracing her own uniqueness has helped her be successful and happy.

On episode #24 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Ashley Roda shares her knowledge and expertise about branding and why she believes branding should be a way of life rather than a logo, website, and business cards. Ashey Roda is the Founder of Iconic Details, an Oregon based branding agency, and concierge service. She shares how her athletic background was foundational to her success in business. She loves helping women identify their "iconic persona," infuse their brilliance into their brand and take their business to the next level of success.

On episode #23 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Kea Meyers Duggan, an award-winning entrepreneur and recognized life and career coach, discusses how she helps women stop working in jobs they hate and helps them plan a career change with confidence. She defines what a life coach is and helps us understand the value and purpose of working with one.

On episode #22 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Shemia Fagan, Oregon Senator and Civil Rights Attorney, shares stories from her unique career journey. Shemia talks about her childhood, passions, and what inspired her to start a career journey into politics, and what influenced her most.

On episode #21 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Margaret Immink shares stories from her 30+ year career in tech. She talks about what it was like to work for top Enterprise and Consulting companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM to becoming the founder of Directory Spot. This app-based business has grown to over 800k subscribers.

On episode #20 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Shelley Prael, founder of le Nest Design; an Oregon based Design Company specializing in home interiors, retail design, and visual merchandising, shares stories from her 20+ year career in the retail world working for top retailers including Pendleton Woolen Mills, Columbia Sportswear and Meier & Frank. She talks about design elements, what design means to her, and who has inspired her over the years.

On episode #19 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Sam Needham, Head of Marketing Innovation at Silicon Valley Bank, joins the show to discuss her role in driving digital transformation. She talks about her diverse background and how it helped her find her unique voice and value. Being a lover of Marketing and Tech, Sam shares her lessons and insights she's learned along the way.

On episode #18 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Lisa Davis who is the Senior Vice President, and Chief Information Officer at Blue Shield of California sits down for a real conversation about her career to help listeners know that they too can achieve great levels of success with a strategy, hard work, and determination.

On episode #17 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Pam Didner, a successful entrepreneur, a top content marketing leader, a well-known author, and a global speaker talks about her unique career path. She shares how her ability to tackle new opportunities within a big corporation helped shape the marketer she is today. She discusses the challenges organizations face when marketing and enables you to understand how to stand out and be a rock star.

On episode #16 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Kelly Mooney, president of Kelly Mooney Photography talks about her career journey, her background in pr and marketing, and the steps she took to teach herself the skills needed to be a top Portland area photographer. She discusses challenges she had to face over the years and reveals some great resources and tips for those looking to build a similar career. Hear her latest venture that involves empowering the younger generation to capture their experiences and share them through a new online magazine.

On episode #15 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Lauren Hasson, the Founder of DevelopHer, an award-winning career development platform for women in tech, a full-time software engineer, and a motivational speaker, talks about her role and responsibilities as an engineer. She shares the story about why she created DevelopHER and why bridging the gender income gap and teaching women in tech the importance of negotiation and building financial and self-worth is important.

On episode #14 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Kristen Miller, owner of College Bound & Ready, talks about how Covid19 is affecting the college admissions process and how students and families can best prepare for these uncertain times. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field, Kristen discusses how and why she started her company. She shares how helping high school students become more independent and confident fuels her. This particular podcast is very relevant for the times we are all dealing with the uncertainties related to the future.

On episode #13 of the 2B Bolder podcast, Katie Kelley, author of Career Courage and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Solutions at Lee Hecht Harrison, shares details about her role responsibilities and why she loves what she does. Hear how her job is a great cumulation of her skills and experiences and how her journey prepared her for this role.

On episode #12 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Dr. Tabitha Becker, co-owner of 360 Pediatric Psychology, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in cognitive, neuro-developmental, and neuropsychological assessment as-well-as, pediatric medical psychology. She shares her unique career journey, including ways she handled adversity through staying positive, being self-driven, and determined, which ultimately allowed her to design the career of her dreams.

On episode #11 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Gretchen Schauffler, Color Expert and Entrepreneur specializing in Branding and Innovation, shares career insights about the value of self-expression through color and design and why making people feel good through creativity brings her joy.

​On episode #10 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Stephanie Wettstein, Director of Internal and Executive Communications for Cambia Health Solutions, shares her career journey and ​describes her role and responsibilities​.​ Stephanie, a communications professional for 23 years in various industries, including high-tech and health care, shares key insights and talks about specific characteristics and skills you need to develop and focus on to be successful​.

On episode #9 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Jennifer Currin Gutridge, Executive Vice President McGee Wealth Management, shares her passion for working with multigenerational clients, helping them build, preserve, and transfer wealth efficiently. Hear how Jennifer started in the business, what she loves most about her career, the challenges she has faced, and her valuable advice for building a career in money management and financial planning.

On episode #8 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Deena Ghazarian, Managing Partner at TargetPath and founder of Austere, a unique technology accessory brand, talks about the importance of mentoring and networking. Deena, a dynamic, global sales executive and award-winning sales leader shares insights on what her roles and responsibilities are within each company. She shares her perspective on the business to consumer space and why it's ideal for women to lean in and be an active voice in the business world.

On episode #7 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Terri Sorensen, CEO of Friends of the Children, a national nonprofit based in Portland, OR talks about her career journey. Learn about this fantastic company and hear Terri talk about why nonprofits can be so rewarding. Hear her advice and some lessons learned along the way that have helped her become successful and fulfilled in what she does.

On episode #6 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Joelle Lewis, the Principal Broker of Lewis and Associates Real Estate Team, reveals her secrets to success. She's ambitious, driven, creative, and a ton of fun to talk to. Tune in to hear her share some advice, some of her challenges, and some lessons learned along the way that have helped her become successful in real estate.

On episode #5 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Dr. Nancy Salisbury shares why she became a doctor and a successful business owner. Her practice focuses on helping women with their health and wellness, providing comprehensive gynecology services that include state of the art vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. N shares the challenges she's faced in her career and talks about words of encouragement she's received, and provides insights and advice to others thinking of becoming a doctor.

On episode #4 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Rebecca Gimeno, a collegiate recruiter for a global sportswear company, shares her background, details about her current role and responsibilities. Rebecca shares qualities she’s looking for in ideal candidates and gives actionable steps to improve your chances of landing the perfect job.

On episode #3 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Patty Kleckner, Executive Director and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator at Marquis Companies, discusses her career journey in elderly care. Patty shares what drives her, how her grandmother has been her biggest inspiration, and the challenges she faces in her daily work.

On episode #2 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Tracie Zenti, Director of Business Programs at Microsoft, chats about her career journey, the lessons learned along the way, the importance of building and keeping good relationships (networking), the art of negotiating and more. Tracie provides listeners key insights and tips on ways to make it in the business tech world today.

On episode #1 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Lissa Blackaby Forsterer, VP of Agency Growth at Owen Jones and Partners, chats about her career journey, the lessons learned along the way, and what qualities she looks for in interviewees. Lissa provides listeners key insights and tips on ways to make it in the ad agency world today.

Until next time, Take care, be well!

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