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Updated: Feb 6

Twenty five 2B Bolder Podcast guests representing women in tech and business

The WOMEN I have met through 2B Bolder have been AMAZING. They are eager and willing to help others succeed by navigating the sometimes difficult journey we face and the struggles and challenges we must overcome. They remind us that we need to show up and use our voices. To put ourselves out there even when we're unsure or afraid. Never underestimate our abilities, female instincts, listening skills, and emotional intelligence. Instead, we need to embrace those strengths and leverage them in roles that can benefit from diverse representation and perspectives.

I never imagined these women and other allies would be supportive and willing to help. I encourage you to get to know these women and hear their stories; they are all remarkable!

On episode #45 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, Rhonda Coleman joins the show and shares insights from being a woman in tech. Rhonda is a hard-working, successful businesswoman who has demonstrated resilience. Rhonda Coleman proves that you can pivot and do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Rhonda is a lawyer, writer, mother, and wife. She is an in-house counsel and strategic advisor to Fortune 500 and venture-backed corporations.

On episode #44 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, Claudia Miller, a Career Coach, Negotiating Strategist & host of her own Podcast 'Roadmap To The Executive Suite' talks about how she helps serious professionals secure dream jobs with dream salaries at their dream companies including fast-growing startups, rockstar midsize companies, and Fortune 500 and Tech Giants.

On episode #43 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, Mayura Garg, Integrated Digital Marketing Leader for Cy-Cog-nito, shares her rich and diverse career journey by discussing the various roles in tech she'd had over the years. From graduating with an electrical engineering computer science degree, moving on to different roles, including corporate research, working as a solution architect and technology consultant, pivoting into product management, marketing, communications and strategy, and campaign management.

On episode #42 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, Jillian Kaplan and Sabrina Shafer join forces and share their unique career stories. Jillian is Dell's creative and technical thought leader and marketer, and Sabrina is the CEO of Transformation Continuum. Hear how they have partnered on a few different projects to support women in tech, including The Art of the Subtle Brag & The Unwritten Guide, which features 20 influential leaders in business sharing their top tips for women in tech.

On episode #41 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, guest Rebecca Minkoff, a global industry leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear, and apparel, shares her career insights and lessons. In addition, Rebecca talks about the incredible women she's featured on her podcast Superwomen, which focuses on luminaries and unique stories of resilience, failure, and success.

On episode #40 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, guest Vidhya Rammohan, Senior Product Management Leader driving product definition through launch for Intel, talks about her roles and responsibilities and how she was able to transition from application engineer to product management. In addition, she shares her background and unique superpowers that have helped her transition into the most fulfilling role of her career.

On episode #39 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, guest Doone Roisin shares her career story and the unique upbringing that helped shape her fiercely driven life. She talks about her love for e-commerce, her jobs and businesses over the years, and her passion for helping other women entrepreneurs through the Female Startup Club.

On episode #38 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Delphine Carter, Founder & CEO of Boulo Solutions, shares how her team is helping women who have been out of the workforce articulate and translate their skills and talents to gain positions with companies that care about diversity and provide flexibility. She also connects women who have been in full-time careers with companies offering roles that provide them the balance they desire.

On episode #37 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, guest Dr. Toni Collis, the CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations, shares insights about her fascinating background and career. Today, she is a Strategic Innovation Leader, Trainer, Consultant, and Leadership Coach. She’s well known and respected across the tech industry today, having built a career in high-performance computing for her dedicated work and founding and leading the women in HPC.

On episode #36 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, guest Kim McMahon shares her career story. Kim has been working in tech for nearly 20 years and has a deep passion for Open Source and High-Performance Computing. She’s the director of Visibility & Community Engagement at RISC-V International, a speaker, mentor, marketing advisor, advocate for women in HPC, and volunteers for the Grand Foundation in her spare time.

On episode #35 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Corey Hudson is passionate about helping entrepreneurs understand and leverage the power of Pinterest to grow their businesses. Corey is a Pinterest brand and marketing strategist who teaches bloggers, creators, and eCommerce business owners to grow their professional brands and drive more traffic.

On episode #34 of the 2B Bolder Podcast, Deb Arthur discusses her passion for justice reform and how she centered her career around creating change within the system. She focuses on representing justice-impacted people and supports them in building a brighter future. Tune in to hear more about Debrah's inspiring journey.

On episode #33 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Lora Muller, the Supply Chain Director at Tektronix Component Solutions,, shares her journey and discusses her challenges. ​She ​is ​​experienced in Aerospace, Medical, Retail distribution, food manufacturing, and semiconductor markets. Lora shares why she loves her job and how it suits her skills and personality.

On episode #32 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Jen Aust highlights what it is like to be a Chief of Staff at Intel for a critical business unit. She shares her passion for building diversity and inclusion programs and discusses her must-haves before considering taking on a new role. Jen also shares fun memories of working at the Olympics, the benefits of her current role, what opportunities have opened up for her, and what's next.

On episode #31 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Rachel Mushahwar, Director - Americas Channel and Partner Chief at Amazon Web Services (AWS), a recognized industry leader and an advocate for inclusion, diversity, and equity, joins the show. Rachel discusses her career, her challenges over the years, her successes, and how the people she works with mean everything to her. She shares tips for the best preparation for tomorrow's jobs and talks openly about the real grit to succeed and how perseverance and risk-taking can help you get ahead. This is a wonderful honest conversation with a top tech woman who shares what she knows to help others.

On episode #30 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Melody Biringer, author, mentor, international speaker, and entrepreneur, joins the show to share stories from her career journey and how her nontraditional career path leads to astonishing outcomes. As the founder and producer of the WiT Regatta, a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver, and Amsterdam, Melody gives us an insider's look at what brings women together.

On episode #29 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Shelley Wagner shares insights and lessons learned from her prosperous 30-year career in tech. Today, Shelley is Chief of Staff, Computing Client Group, Security Strategy at Intel. Over the years, she's taken on various roles and has gained tremendous experience implementing operational vision and strategies in multiple functions. She is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), certified in project and change management.

On episode #28 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Iris Harrison joins us. She is well known for her disc jockey days at KGON, loved and admired as a Portland radio legend, inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2012, and recently retired after having a successful 45-year career in radio. Iris takes us on a career journey, shares her roles and responsibilities, and discusses how radio has changed. She helps women understand the various opportunities there are today in the business, and she talks about her favorite memories and gives us a glimpse of what's next for her.

On episode #27 of the 2B Bolder podcast, guest Elaine Mah walks us through the various marketing roles in her career and the broad perspective that it has provided her. She shares lessons learned and discusses her role and responsibilities as a US Marketing B2B Strategist for Intel. Elaine pulls back the curtain and gives great insight into building a content strategy and tips on improving your strategic thinking. If you love marketing, you will thoroughly enjoy this conversation.

If you know someone who should be featured on the 2B Bolder Podcast or website, please invite them to visit our sign-up page.

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