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Always Strive 2B Bolder

Updated: Feb 6

A photo of Women in Business and Tech
Women in Business and Tech

Just a little over a year ago I created the 2B Bolder podcast. It was created out of my love for technology and marketing, my desire to bring together like-minded women, and my hope to be a great role model and source of inspiration to my two daughters and other young women out there. I wanted to encourage them to show up and to be bolder and know that anything they dream of is possible. The idea was to invite successful businesswomen on the podcast to share stories from their careers, lessons they learned over the years, and life advice that could help the next generation of women in business and tech. As women, we must be bolder in everything we do. Historically, society has underestimated women’s ability to be business leaders, the value of our contributions, and has believed women needed to choose between having a career and being a mother or caregiver.

Luckily today we are starting to chip away at this societal belief. That is why it is so important for all of us to show up, use our voices, and never allow others to dim our light. We need to claim our space, demonstrate our value and strive for roles that energize us. When we do so, the outcomes are significant - our businesses benefit, our families benefit, and we benefit through our own fulfillment.

On the 2B Bolder podcast to date, I have had the pleasure of featuring an Oregon senator, several top female executives from Intel and other fortune-500 companies, a doctor, designer, a woman passionate about justice reform, an international speaker, a radio legend, and many other successful women in various careers.

A common theme I often hear from the guests of my show is that we as women need to show up. This is incredibly important because it allows us to be seen, heard, and puts us in a vulnerable state which brings about growth. Other insights shared are that we as women need to put ourselves in the game and stop waiting for an invitation to sit at the table. We need to control our own career trajectories – know what we want and go after it. We need to ask for the promotions that we deserve, in addition to seeking out mentors and becoming mentors for other women. We need to be aggressive and network.

I can’t emphasize the importance of networking enough. Networking is building relationships with both men and women in and outside of work. Sincerely, taking an interest in others, seeking and sharing knowledge, and making mutual connections in an altruistic way. Relationships are key in everything we do; it’s how people stay top of mind and get recommended for jobs; it’s how business is done.

As we evolve in life and develop our values and passions, we need to ensure our personal brand is consistent with who we are and what we stand for. A personal brand is a nonverbal summary of who you are, what you stand for, and how you present yourself in and outside of work.

It is our job and responsibility to always strive 2B Bolder in life and in our careers.

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